Our Vacuum Excavation Equipment

We have an extensive fleet and range of equipment that enables us to provide groundwork solutions for multiple sites across the central and southern regions. We operate from our base in Berkshire, sending our vacuum excavators to both short and long-term projects, as well as emergency situations. Our trained and qualified operatives bring their experience to every vacuum excavation project that they undertake. We will always work with you whatever your unique requirements may be.

Suction Excavation is Perfect For:

A suction excavator is ideal for various industries and locations. We frequently provide vacuum suction equipment for the construction and utility industries, as the benefits of using a vacuum excavator are exceptional for these industries. However, anywhere where the careful groundwork is required, lends itself to ideally using a vacuum excavator.

Our Vacuum Excavation Solutions

Our equipment provides solutions to a range of commonly occurring issues. Suction machines can reduce the risk to site workers, compared to manual digging. Cable strikes can be dangerous and costly, and suction machines can gently excavate ground materials around underground assets such as cables. Suction machinery also reduces the environmental impact of construction sites, due to its reduced running time, and the fewer machine turns. Suction technology has greatly improved traditional construction methods.

Vehicle Specifications for our vacuum excavator equipment hire services

Safety and Maintenance

All our equipment is maintained by our in-house maintenance team. Our technicians are trained directly by the equipment manufacturers, ensuring that our fleet is always in the best working order. We have a continued investment plan for equipment, which keeps our fleet at the forefront of modern excavators.

To support your projects, our Health and Safety coordinator can work with you on detailed risk assessments, ensuring all work meets your and our safety standards.

Get in Touch with Us!

If you are looking for suction excavation equipment for your future projects or an emergency situation, we can help. We have an extensive range of excavators for hire and can provide services for you across the country. We bring our expertise and professionalism to every customer that we work with. If you are in need of vacuum excavation hire, and would like to inquire about the cost per unit, contact the friendly and helpful team at CSE today.

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Vacuum Excavation Case Study: Water Treatment Plant

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Vacuum Excavation Case Study: Bridge Reinforcement

Vacuum Excavation Case Study: Bridge Reinforcement

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