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Nationwide Vacuum Excavator Rental

We are a leading Vac-Ex hire company based in Berkshire with national coverage. A vacuum or suction excavator is an innovative extraction technique where the earth or other ground materials are sucked out of the ground using a large vacuum pump. The removed material is stored within the in-built skip before being dropped off on-site. The process is simple and efficient. We are experienced and knowledgeable and bring our passion for vac excavators to every project that we undertake. When you work with us, you not only receive all the benefits of using a vac excavator, such as a reduced cost, a safer site, and a lower environmental impact, but you also get the benefit of our advice and support with your vac hire.

Nationwide Excavation Hire

We are based in Berkshire but work across the UK. Whether you need vac hire in Birmingham or Bristol we can help. We have a well-maintained and extensive fleet of vac excavators which gives us the ability to cover multiple construction sites in different locations, as well as being able to act swiftly in emergency situations.

Why Hire a Vacuum Excavator?

A vac ex or suction excavator is one of the most innovative advances in making a modern construction site safer and cleaner. Vacuum excavation hire is beneficial to all those working on-site, reducing risk, cost, and the environmental impact of a construction site. Traditional excavation use either manual labour or mechanical digging equipment. Manual excavation carries the risk of cable strikes which can be dangerous to personnel, whilst mechanical digging, which can be safer, can damage underground assets. Cable strikes can not only be dangerous but also costly, to the average tune of £7000, as well as delaying projects, which also has a knock-on effect on costs. Using a vac excavator is safer, and more economical when compared to traditional extraction methods. It is also a greener solution. The efficiency of the vac excavators results in fewer emissions being produced. The design of the vac excavator results in fewer wheel turns, less time on site, and reduced operating time. A vac or suction excavator is an incredible modern solution to make your site safer, greener, and more economical.

Where Can it Be Used?

Vacuum or suction excavators can be used in many different locations. While they are often used on construction sites, that is not the extent of their use. The suction equipment can clear old culverts or drainage ditches which can impact water movement and help reduce flooding. Our teams are enthusiastic and creative so when met with challenges such as reduced or limited access they act to find solutions, such as utilising extension pipework to reach hard-to-access areas. The delicate touch of the suction excavator makes it an ideal choice in a range of locations and situations where traditional extraction methods would not be suitable. They are extensively used by the construction and utility industries, as their advantages when dealing with underground assets is unbeatable. Our experienced team will always advise on your unique situation.

Why Choose Us?

The team at CSE are ready to work with you and your team. We are proud of the work that we do with our excavators across the country, and enjoy working on different projects and in different locations. Each new project brings a fresh challenge, and with our positive and problem-solving attitude, we are ready to approach it with experience and enthusiasm. Our operatives are all competent and qualified so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with a trained professional team, who will bring their knowledge to every project that they undertake. We are passionate about bringing a first-class service to all the companies that we work with and are renowned for our professional attitude and approach to every project. When you choose to work with CSE, you can be confident that you are working with industry-leading vacuum excavation specialists.

For Vac-Ex Hire, Call CSE Today!

If you are looking for vacuum excavators for your next project, you have found us. Whether you are booking vacuum excavators for a future construction project or dealing with an emergency situation we can help. We have a fleet of excavators so that we can work across multiple sites while still being able to offer our customers a quick response when needed. We provide all our customers with a professional and efficient service so that you know you can rely on us. We understand the implications of timescales on construction sites, and will always work with you and your timescales so that we can provide you with the service that you need. For an initial discussion about your excavation project today, simply call the helpful and experienced team at CSE.

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